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 In a nutshell

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ST Rome
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PostSubject: In a nutshell    2012-07-14, 8:02 am

Shock Trauma

A 1st person shooter clan with a military structure based off MEU/Recon/Infantry Unit
ST will use Marine Corp Ranks
Commissioned Officer
Warrant Officers
Special Rank
Gunner, Chief Gunner

TACTICAL COMMUNICATION EXECUTION DISCIPLINE members will learn how together in squads and learn how each other plays if u are a loaner this clan isn’t for you..

For Recon team K-D has to be 1.1 or better
16 or older must be able to play at least 3 times a week
When reached the rank of SSGT/ LT or above that person can decline promotion if desired
Correct Uniform will be:
[ST] << This will be in the “Clan tag”
Shock Trauma 1st PLT 1st squad << in you “name or motto” area
Anything different from this you will be asked to change it to this if there are other occasions where someone has corrected you on this the 2 strike rule will come in affect

No member can be a part with any other clan while they are in ST if saw wearing another tag or representing another clan that person will kicked this is a zero tolerance rule.. Friendly” shit talking is allowed just be aware if it bothers another member don’t do it…. No racism, discrimination, cheats mod-ing of any sort ST will have a 2 strike rule game 1st time will be a trial period of 30 days with no access to the forum and will take out of any tournaments, game nights etc. 2nd strike will be kicked out of ST no matter what rank or time that person has had no access to forums or gamer tags nothing just like u were never there….Respect rank even if he’s a douche bag take it up to higher and work out your situation..

Promotions (Enlisted)
Pvt to PFC 3 practice’s
PFC to LCpl 1 Month
LCpl to CPL 2 months
Cpl to SGT 2 months
SGT to SSGT 6 months
SSGT to GYSGT 6 months
GYSGT to MSGT/ 1st SGT 6 month/as needed
1st SGT to SGT MAJ –As Needed
MSGT to MGYSGT seniority/ as needed

Warrant Officers
WO to CWO2 2 months
CWO2 to CWO3 3 Months
CWO3 to CWO4 4 Months
CWO4 to CWO5 as needed
SSGT or above with 4 months in grade

Commissioned Officers
2nd LT to 1st LT 1 month
1st Lt to CAPT 3 months
CAPT to MAJ 12 months
MAJ to 12 months
LT.COL to Col as needed
Once selected for Officer the newbie will go thru OCS ….For any officer that isn’t holding a Command billet will be ask to moderate the forums…and come up with newsletters for the clan (Officers) after 1st promotion officers will be encourage to add ST to their GT


Chief Gunner 12 months
Gunner is special billet/rank where the individual is the most advance player of the platoon there is one per platoon and if there is more than one person running from the platoon they will do a FFA winner gets the position…
SGT or above with Sniper and Weapons training course and a 1.1 KD too be elected to become a Gunner

The Command Element
Colonel of ST “Clrdhot” will do the paper work of the clan monitors TIS, TIR, and promotions developed the website/forum and funds etc
Deputy of ST (CWO5)”MDrifter” Briefs me and deputy Commandant and will give me his opinions on different ideas I come up with Monitors the forums as well and clan functions
MGYSGT of ST “ Undead” Will be the enforcer of the clan…Handles the issues before they make it to the Deputy

Billets and Responsibility
There will be an officer/Enlisted over each game (Maj/MGySgt) monitors and updates roster/schedules on the forums
PLT Commander / SGT
In charge of the platoon appointed monitors the readiness of the platoon

Command Element
Officers that reach the rank of LT. COL /CWO3/E-8


Staff and Gunnery SGT

Platoon SGT enlisted advisor for platoon commander and is his responsibility to care any issues in the platoon and appoints recruits to their respected squad


Squad leader


Assistant Squad leader

Ground pounders the people who make up most of ST

Boot Camp
Is a 7-14 day event where the recruit will be evaluated upon performance communication leadership and overall gameplay A SSGT dictates who’s going to be an officer/enlisted out of boot camp.

Anyone can be a recruiter

Recon Unit
Lead by a LT and SSGT
Upon being selected for Recon Member go thru weapons training which will be schedule by the LT and ran by the SSGT…

Summary in the structure platoon level

Every Co will have a Platoon commander/sgt. there will be a GT assigned to each Co.

1. 6 members= Squad = 1 Squad leader (SSGT/Sr. SGT./CPL)

2. 4 squads = 1 platoon = 1 Plt SGT (GySgt/SSGT) / 1 Plt Co (Wo-Capt)

Schools and there requirements
Sniper School- 1.0 or better during a private match(s) the individual will partake in 3 events maneuver under fire, moving and still targets with and all shot made will have to be head or one shot kill’s if the shooter misses or makes wounding shots points will be taken away the participant use all sniper rifles w/ no attachments and perk aid upon completion the shooter will earn the scout sniper badge to wear and be among the elite in the clan. This will be ran by Undead

Weapons Training- will be private matches where the individuals will work out there comfort zone with different classes in different type of matches where there will be a KD ratio needed to pass to the next course...This will be ran by ST Rome

Leader’s Course – leaders Combat School will but a couple scenario’s where the soon to be Squad or PLT leaders will take 3 of his men again a full team the candidate will be evaluated on his/her quick thinking, communication skills and over all leadership…This will be evaluated by ST Rome and ST Mdrifter passing the Required class the individual will become an Officer in Shock Trauma as well a squad leader officers will be appointed over a platoon….Officers that stand out will be promoted to 1st Lt Course is open to LCpl’s – Sgt

Commandant of ST
Gotta A question feel free to ask...
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In a nutshell
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